Operations and Latest Updates

First of all, we have good news for you. All of our operations, which were disrupted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), started again.

Pending Orders and Connection Problems

  • All your pending orders  will be confirmed within 3 hours.
  • All pending responses will be answered and resolved within 3 hours. (Expert technical issues can be resolved from tomorrow)
  • Your time losses during the past period will be calculated and lost days will be added. You will receive a notification about this within 1 days. If you do not receive a notification within 1 days, please let us know.

Customer Service and Technical Staff

  • Our customer service ready for help. In addition, 9 new teammates from 5 countries joined us to provide better service.
  • And our technical unit will be ready in the server center in shifts half a day from tomorrow.

Paypal and Crypto Payment

  • We do not accept payment by Paypal right now. We will solve this technical problem as soon as possible.
  • You can also pay with crypto money. If you want to pay with crypto and you do not have any information, we will explain how can pay with crypto pay.

We wish everyone healthy days.. and we hope these days will be behind as soon as possible.

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